"a locus"

Geographer Edward Relph once said, ”’Place’ is not an abstract object or concept. it is a directly experienced phenomenon of the lived world, and therefore full of meaning, real objects, and ongoing activity. They are important sources of personal and socially shared identity, and are often the root of human existence to which people are deeply emotionally and psychologically connected.”

With various changes such as the birth of the Internet and the development of information and transportation technology, the concept of "place" has expanded and disappeared. Where is our sense of “place” now? Through the series of actions involved in photography, I conduct an experimental study on the nature of “place,” which is intricately connected to human life.
Solo exhibition
"a locus" at same gallery (4-6-7, Ebara, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 142-0063)
2020.10.30(fri)-11.8(sun) 12:00-20:00
Solo exhibition
"a locus(2023)" at sioribi(3-7-8, Fukashi, Matsumoto, Nagano, 390-0815)
2023.10.6(fri)-10.24(tue) 7:00-20:00